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 - Tutorials ENGLISH version of commands - GREEKARMADA -

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- Tutorials ENGLISH version of commands - GREEKARMADA - Empty
MessageSujet: - Tutorials ENGLISH version of commands - GREEKARMADA -   - Tutorials ENGLISH version of commands - GREEKARMADA - I_icon_minitimeDim 23 Sep - 2:11

Here you can find the list of the commands for GreekArmada ! Very Happy

- /f gods (name of the gods) (name of the faction) (this command is used by the owner of the faction (and only him), for choice what god, will blessing and help the faction
- Athena giving a boost of 5% resistance of everything for the faction
- Zeus giving a boot for the damage with sword of 5% for the faction
- Apollo giving a boost for speed of 5% with boots diamond for the faction
- Hestia giving a boost of luck, 5% of more minerals when they mining for the faction
- Hadès giving a boost of loot, 5% of more loot on every mobs, for the faction
- Demeter giving a boost of the harvest and agriculture, 5% of more regen with food for the faction
- Artemis giving a boost with the bow, 5% of more damage with the bow for the faction
- Hepaestus giving a boost with crafting, 5% of chance to get two times the item who supposed be craft, like if they craft 1 chestplate, they got too, becareful only 5%, so it need to be rare
- Hermes giving a boost of speed with a horse, 5%, for the faction
- Aphrodite giving a boost of heal, 5% better auto little regen of 5% for the faction
- Poseidon giving a boost of swiming, 5% more fast for swiming in the water for the faction
- Arès giving a boost of damage with all weapons of 5% for the faction(modifié)
- /f atheniafactions (List of Armada)
- /f i (invit a player)
- /f greekdeny (You need to using that command, if you don't want open to all players your faction, by default, the faction is open to everyone, so everyone can join you, and so that command use only by invit, so players can coming only by your /f i name of player)
- /f joingreek (For joining a faction who is open to public)
- /f greekrecruit (For open to public the faction again, if you did the greekdeny for closed it)
- /f gloryflag name of the faction, for starting a claim, the limit is 100x100 and you have a item who pop for doing the claim, a crystal, and you can do /f delflag if you didn't did the good claim at the good place
- /f atheniareport name of faction, name of the cheat
- /f atheniareportp name of the player, name of the problems with insult or something(modifié)
- /f greekhp (for see the actual HP of your claim)
- /f discord (for see the discord of Athenia)
- /f greekrules (for creating rules for your faction)
- /f greekpersonal (name of the god) (Same bonus as faction gods, but you can win 5% more if you use the same gods, or it's can be good to have two different, but it's about the RP too, choice who you love and who you like !)
- /f timetogo (For leaving a faction)
- /f writeyourstory (You need to have a book in your hands, and you can write with code colors, a story for your Armada)
- /f delhome (Delete the home of your Armada)
- /f sethome (Set a home for your Armada, only one are allowed, and if you want move it it's easy you will see if you trying to move it)
- /f home (going in your claim, btw the sethome need to be done inside the claim only)
- /f athenajustice (ban a player from your Armada)
/f greekinfo (This command can be used in your armada claim, for showing you some infos, like your actualy HealPoint of the claim, the size, the god of your faction, and the name of the owner) Also when you leave and enter inside your claim a message pop up on your screen
- /f new (name of your armada) (You can use codes colors for your name faction like &4Test_Armada_Glory&4)
- /f (For showing some commands, some are usable only by the owner of the faction, or moderators of the faction !)
- /f demote membername (for demote a player in your armada)
- /f glory name of member (promote player in your armada)

All gods give a message on your screen, for see the effect/bonus of the god is active, and some have more effect, like Hermes for the bonus of speed with horse, do some fire when you moving with your horse

When you choice a god for your faction or a personal god, it's show a message to public chat too

- The claim for losing HealPoint on your claim is : if you die = -5HP, if you kill someone = +2HP / You can't create a new claim until you are again at 1000 HP, and if all players are inactive in the fac

Nothing can't broke your claim until your are at 0 HP, but, players can kill you inside, if you setup a bad protection
A scoreboard, for showing you, the god personal, the god of your faction, the HP of your faction, the money you have, your kills, your deaths

Your lvl, you win some 0.001 by hours played on the server, the fidelity thing

Lvl 500 is the max

You got a message when you up some lvl or win some 0.001

A top 10 armadas(factions) of kills to the spawn, a top 10 factions of winning wars, top 10 players with the most of kills, top 10 players with the most lvl high

Also, on the chat, if you look use your mouse on your faction name, you have a little windows, who show-up inside "name of the faction, ratio K/D, your actualy kills and death, and your god" and the name of the owner
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- Tutorials ENGLISH version of commands - GREEKARMADA -
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